Project Asterisk Part 2...


As the realization of the original concept becomes more apparent, I've started work on a "first pass" as it were.

Original Concept

A turn based role playing game, where the main focus is on salvaging enough parts to rebuild a crashed sentinel. Aster calls them Seekers.

Image of Yaktocat


In this new iteration, Asterisk & the Dungeon of DOOM! we've pit Asterisk against some of her most formidable enemies yet, the depths this dungeon from which all demons MUST be faced head on. In this twisted version of reality, Asterisk must overcome her darkest fears. A place where her only goal is to ESCAPE, avoid being overtaken by the shadows within; forced into self reflection by who she thought was her friends, creatures of the forest.

Join us, in this new adventure where you play as the brave Asterisk in her journey through the depths of what could only be considered her own HELL.