Trapped and alone Asterisk must find her way out of the dungeon to survive while avoiding traps and fending off the dark shadows that lurk within. This is the first in a series of games centered around the main character Asterisk.

NOTE: This project is currently in development and is not a complete product; we value your feedback send us your thoughts or post a comment below.


At first I didn't really understand the camera system, so zooming and making things pixelated was my goal... Alpha

Later I wanted to capture the concept of the game, so I added a tileset that centered around the tree from which aster does her daydreaming... Beta

Finally, I realized that having a turn based game would require a clickable menu system, as well as idle frames... Current


  • Windows ~17.3MB f5d67e201405fa742583cdb3e6e2e8b967d1c553dbc53cebcf925a3c1a69c79e
  • macOS ~6.5MB 0c141a835c9cc4b14e78592cb3ab840e6d6b482ad81292b02cbd2b8a7c25b4b3