Hello journal

Stars Abound

By Aster

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"the sky grows dark; throughout the whole park; as day turns to night; an interesting sight; a dark figure peaks; then slowly sneeks; into the dark and away from the park; safe now at last; runs almost past; a once new now trashed; sentry that crashed; a blast from the past; now covered in grass; she crawls inside; it's her place to hide; to wait out the night; she flicks on a light; it's way too bright; a beacon in night; an unusual plight; hoping she might; stay out of sight; she turns off the light; moonlight shines through; a beautiful hue but brings into view; particles a few; she wriggles her nose; attempting to hold but loses control; HACHUE! she lets out; an uncontrolled shout; as silence returns; her thoughts start to churn; she picks up some coal; digs deep in her soul and scribbles out of control; sparkle, shimer shine; the starts consume my mind; young yet free; left to be; alone and hard to find; clamour, clang, an excessive bang; the noise outside ignites; forever saught but worried not; safe within my spot; a hidden mound; with stars abound; always lost in thought; she wipes her face; surveys the place; everything seems right; so she flicks out the light; then sprawls on her bed; hands behind her head; closes her eyes; takes a deep sigh; with a stretch and a yawn; she attemps to sleep till dawn;"