The Untitled

       "LAND!" yells the lookout. "LAND AHEAD!" he shouts down to the crew. The captain isn't worried, after all, land is what he has been hoping for after being at sea for so long. He turns to address the crew and with a simple nod of his head in acknowledgment, the crew knows what to do and starts prepping for docking procedures. Just then, the communications unit chimes and, "Authorization code?" squacks from the speakers. The communications officer looks over at the captain with a concerned expression, "Restricted" shrugs the captain. He sighs heavily and keys the push-to-talk, "This is captain Sorvalice of the vessel Vector 5 , requesting permission to make an emergency dock at your station for structural repairs." The channel goes silent as the request is analysed. Just as the tactical officer pipes up, "Cap, what's the likelihood they see our 'bogus tags' and report us to cent com..." the radio blasts out "Acknowledged, proceed to Dock Station Alpha 6 and await further instructions." The captain shrugs and nods to the navigation officer "plot us a course, we're bringing 'er in."

       As the last dock line is secured the crew looks at each other expecting someone to say something, but nobody does. "What are you waiting for?!" barks the captain. The newest crew member snaps to attention and quickly rushes out to 'secure the cargo', the rest of the crew prepares for inspection. It just so happens that they stumbled upon a top secret Federation Relay Station and everyone knows the Federation is very adamant no smuggling passes through their stations, let alone a top secret installation. "Doc?" says the captain, "what is it cap" replies the doctor, "I need those 'records deep sixed' ASAP, we can't take any chances." "Ay, cap" says the doctor as he punches a few commands into his personal digital assistant, then connects it directly to an already exposed deperming cable which causes it to overload the power source and fry the electronics inside. "SHIT!" shouts the doctor as sparks shoot from the PDA. "I told you not to hold it" says the newest member as she makes her way to the captain, "the cargo is secure, SIR!" she says as she reaches him. "Heh, 'newbies' just call me captain would ya" he says with a sigh.

       After just losing a crew member on their last blown operation and they needed the help, so they picked her up, but nobody seems to trusts her yet. She's obviously trying way too hard to fit in. However, she's a realy quick study and happily accepts all of the jobs nobody else wants. Plus, she did beat out all of the other candidates by leaps and bounds.< data-preserve-html-node="true" Just as the captain takes a sip of his coffee, which she brought to him, the external proximity sensor sounds and everyone stiffens up. "Cap?" says the tactical officer as he starts to draw his side arm "Stand down" replies the captain "let them do their thing, for all we know, they haven't noticed anything." The communcations officer eyes his PDA then punches a few commands in and looks at the captain "Cap, looks like they're pretty heavily armed for a welcome party" he says. Just as the tactical officer goes to speak the front hatch springs open and someone in a full dry suit and mask walks in. "Greetings" says a voice heavily altered behind a smoked face mask. Everyone goes silent.

       The captian takes a few steps forward and says "A'hoy, thanks for letting us dock here, we've been at sea a long time and it's great to finally reach a station." The figure approcahes the captain who seems way too calm given the current cirumstances and says "Nice ship you've got here." "Something aint right cap" says the tactical officer as the captain extends a hand in greating. Just then, a loud hiss comes from the figure and in seconds the tactical officer has his gun drawn "Just say when, cap" he says. The unknown figure mearly glances in his direction then looks back at the captain. The captain, now clearly upset shouts "Put that damn thing away would ya, nobody is dying today!" Unbeknown to the crew, at the sound of the hiss, four dark figures also wearing black dry suits and full face masks snuck onto the boat and surrounded them. "OK!" shouts the captain, "everyone just calm the fuck down before someone gets hurt!"

       "Look, we're all friends here see..." he slowly draws and sets his side arm on the table. As the captain relinquishes his weapon the leader, from which the hissing sound originated, pulls their mask off releasing strands of long flowing red hair that drop to her sides, she shakes them free and places her mask under her arm "What the fuck?" blurts the tactical officer. "Stand down!" grumbles the captain and everyone slowly lowers their weapons. "As I was saying" continues the captain "we are friendlies, just looking for safe harbor as we do some repairs on our ship..." but before he can continue the mysterious women interjects "This is a restricted area! For all we know you and your crew are smugglers looking to use this facility as a safe house before you make your rendezvous to deliver your shipment" she scans the crew "Arrest them!" she orders. "What! are you crazy, we came here seeking safe harbor, we saw your heavily garded facility and only stopped because we wouldn't make it much longer without repairing..." "Silence!" she barks, "take them in for questioning."

       The captain gives everyone a 'relax' look as they handcuff him and put a dark hood over his head. "This is fucked!" shouts the tactical officer as they cuff him and put a hood over his head. Once inside the facility they are lead through a series of hallways until finally being thrown into a brick room with no windows and no furnature just a single toilet. A very large man removes their hoods and mumbles "Wait here, the commander will want to speak with you shortley" and walks out, closing and locking the door behind him. As the big steel bar slides into place with a clang the captain looks at the crew and says "Is everyone okay?" He notices that the tactical officer looks a little banged up, "Okay" he says "is anyone besidesFlexhurt?" As he goes around the room everyone replies in tern, first the doctor "Ay cap", then the communciations officer "Yeah cap, I'm fine", then the tactical officer "Ya, those pricks put up a good fight" he says and finally the new girl "Well newbie?" says the captain as everyone looks over to where she is suppose to be, then suddenly realizes she is missing.

       Almost in unison everyone begins to talk at once "Have you seen her? Where'd she go? What the fuck happen toNewbie?" finally the captain stops everyone "OKAY!" he shouts over the comotion "that's enough, I'm sure she's just being questioned first and is fine" trying to calm everyone down. "I don't trust her cap, she seems like she's trying way too..." just then the communications officers hidden short range radio comes on "" "Damnit!" says the captain, "Short Wave, you think you can clean that up?" "on it cap" he says as he punches a few commands into the radio "go ahead" he says as he hands it over. The captain keys the push-to-talk and says "What the hell happen to you back thereNewbie?" The radio goes silent for some time, then finally "Sir! those knuckle draggers didn't even search the entire ship, I'm hold up in..." the radio goes silent and eveyone looks at eachother.

       "Sorry about that" she continues "they are still searching the ship" the captain replies before she can continue "look ,Newbie, I need you to stay put, this channel is not secure so stay off the radio, we will contact you if we need anything, got it?" "Yes Sir!" she says "I will stay put, you can count on me!" With that, the captain just shakes his head and hands the radio back to Short Wave then takes a seat against the wall. The bolt on the door is slowly released and everyone quickly stands to see who it is. Two guards dressed in all black wet suits come in, grab the captain, and as they escort him out of the room he looks back at the crew and gives them the 'relax' signal, Flex shakes his head and says "Where are you taking him?" to one of the guards but the guard just ignores him. The crew looks at eachother then over at Flex "This is bullshit" he shouts as the door slams shut in front of him.

To be continued...